Science and Innovation in Minerals
We are driven by the purpose of transforming mineral resources into solutions that create value for society.
From Origins to Building the Future
The pursuit of excellence and customer focus are premises aimed at meeting our customers' expectations and preparing us for the future!
Offering more sustainable solutions is our commitment
We believe that sustainability is a fundamental value that should be integrated into every stage of our business. Through innovations and new partnerships, we aim for a greener future for mining and its value generation chains.

Science and Innovation in Minerals

Being the beginning of many essential value generation chains for people's daily lives makes us imagine the future through a whiteboard, our actions today will design the development of materials and solutions that will continue to be essential for people's lives.


Research and Innovation Labs


Data Intelligence Centers

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New Products in the last 5 years

We believe that the best way to design the future is co-creating, so we combine methodologies, design approaches in programs and projects aiming new and better solutions. We accept challenges from our Clients, studing trends, invest in Operational Efficiency and Industry 4.0 and new horizons of action while driving the sustainable growth of our company.



Monitoring trends that can impact our business and our clients.

New Products

Active programs for development of new applications and products.


Practices in favor of a production chain that relieves the planet.

Industry 4.0

Data intelligence, technology, and automation are important resources.

Innovation as Culture that helps us Grow!

One of our main drivers is our Reason for Being! We stimulate the search for Solutions that generate Value for society and the environment. The Jundu Innovation Culture promotes and encourages new ideas and practices through recognition programs and practices.

Cases that multiply value

At the beginning of the value generation chain of several items essential to our daily lives, we do not limit ourselves to a product portfolio. Through a close experience with our customers we stimulate co-authored projects that result in new products, innovation and gains in sustainability for both sides.

Case SuperQuadra Jundu

SuperQuadra Jundu and its Sand Floors developed with - and for - Athletes together with a system of products and services brings innovation with a totally disruptive business model in the Sand Sports segment.

Praia da Grama Case

Praia da Grama joined nature with the most modern techniques to recreate the first wave beach in the interior of the country. With a shoreline of more than 1 km people can enjoy the comfort and beauty in a totally exclusive environment.

"Together we are better than alone"

The best way to prepare for the Future is to co-create!

If you are innovative, if sustainability is important to you and if you share the same values that we believe in, write to us your challenge.

Who can participate


Students and Universities


Let's go together?

If you have a challenge and believe in the collaborative process as a way to innovate, write to us!

Our Brands

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Our Brands

Get to know all our brands.