Energy Market

Oil Well Solutions

Jundu has in its portfolio quartz sands for fracturing wells, and in 2017 developed an innovative solution that gives greater resistance when applied to high-depth drilling wells.

It is part of everyday life: oil and natural gas, which today are the main sources of energy used in the world.

Where the solutions are produced: Descalvado (SP)

Soluções em Areia para Caldeiras Industriais de Leitos Fluidizados

Industrial boilers are energy generating sources widely used in the food industry, wine industry, chemical industry, oil refinery industry, paper industry, textile industry, pharmaceutical industry, among others.

Industrial boilers of the circulating fluidized bed (CFB) and bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) types produce energy and water steam from the burning of fuels and biomass, and in their fluidizing beds sand specifically designed for this purpose is used.

It is part of everyday life: it's produce energy for various industrial segments.

Where the solutions are produced: Analândia (SP).

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