Oil Well Solutions

On land or sea, Jundu is present!

Jundu contributes to the energy market through its Frac and Gravel Pack Sands (resonated or natural) that act as propellants in fracturing operations and stimulation of oil and/or gas wells.

For the Oil Market, we have Solutions in Quartz Sands (resinated or natural) that meet the criteria of the ABNT NBR ISO 13503-2 Standard, for stimulation of oil or gas wells in order to increase productivity.

Innovation in black oil operations

Our Sand solutions for Frac and Gravel Pack applications have grains with excellent sphericity and roundness, in natural and resin versions, which have high crush resistance "Crush". Several tests were performed by the North American Laboratory Stim-Lab and approved by CENPES - Petrobras Research Center.

In the resin version, where there is an increase in resistance to crushing, which enables the application in high-depth wells, the process developed by Jundu presents a great differential when compared to other resin proppants available in the market, since it has a neutral pH, thus avoiding incompatibility problems with the polymers used in fracturing operations.

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