Soluções para Carbeto de Silício

High-purity solutions for complex processes

Silicon Carbide is a ceramic material with a wide application in the industries of Abrasives, Refractories, Ceramics, and Metallurgy (Steelmaking and Foundry) obtained by heating and reacting Silica with Carbon, resulting from a high-temperature burn.

The sic compound has high hardness and electrical semiconductor characteristics.


Our solutions in Quartz Sands for Silicon Carbide are developed and controlled for each application, presenting very low levels of aluminum and iron oxide, with excellent performance from the manufacture of Black Carbide, Green Carbide, and Electronic Grade Carbide.

Jundu's robust production processes allow for the Chemical and Granulometric Stability of its Sands, which also translate into the stability of the final properties of Silicon Carbide.

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