We are the first Brazilian company in the non-metallic minerals sector to achieve international environmental certification.

Há mais de 60 anos
fazendo parte do seu dia a dia
Ha mais de 60 anos
fazendo parte do seu dia a dia

About Jundu

With more than 60 years of history, our solutions are present in people's daily lives! From glass packaging for medicines and nutrition to automobiles that connect us to incredible destinations, in major construction works and in people's leisure, we are the beginning of many value generation chains that are essential to our lives.

Jundu has always had innovation as an important part of its DNA for the purpose to generate value for society and its customers. This premise drives us to seek constant renovation and movement for win the preference of our customers and partners!

Our History

Founded in 1959 by a visionary mind, today Jundu is a private capital company formed by a Joint Venture between the Sibelco and Saint Gobain groups, we operate in the non-metallic minerals segment, with solutions in industrial quartz sands, resin sands, ground silica , calcitic limestone and dolomite.

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Our Business

Our business is essential to several segments. We are leaders in the production of non-metallic minerals such as quartz sand, dolomite and limestone. We operate with excellence in the customer focus to develop and deliver product and service solutions to our consumer markets.

Sustainability is our historic commitment.

Jundu integrates sustainability into its operations as a way to generate value for society. This is what guarantees the continuity of our business and makes Jundu a strong brand with great credibility.

Motivated to be a reference in the ESG theme for the sector, our agenda is satisfied with targets for the use of renewable energy, efficiency, circular economy, and environmental recovery.

Our Brands

Get to know all our brands.

Our Brands

Get to know all our brands.