A deep dive in the desire to experience what is most beautiful in the world, making nature a source of inspiration and tranquility.

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Over the last few years, ornamentation has ceased to be a hobby of a small group of passionate people and has become part of the most beautiful and ambitious landscaping projects in luxury resorts, condominiums, and even shopping malls.

Bringing nature closer to people has become indispensable for those seeking to mitigate the contrasts of today's lifestyle.

In view of this, our specialists were able to gather the necessary characteristics in a line of sand for ornamentation. It allows the formation of a good substrate and facilitates water filtration, maintaining the perfect PH balance for aquatic life.

What is Oasis Jundu?

Oasis Jundu is Jundu®'s line of solutions for ornamentation of lakes, natural pools and natural ecosystems. Embedded technology that helps landscapers, architects, and ornamentation enthusiasts create and recreate destinations that bring people into contact with nature wherever they are!

Specific solutions for Ornamental Ponds and Natural Pools

Acts as a filtering element

Keeps the PH of the water in balance

Preserves and enhances the surrounding aquatic life and fauna

Projects realized with

Jundu and Praia da Grama

A dream dreamed together!

In 2019 we received the unprecedented and challenging task: to create the shore of the first wave beach in the interior of Brazil, Praia da Grama!

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